Maiden Voyage


Right this very second Jay is at my pad walking me painfully slowly through this entire blogging process. Truth is I am dangerously close to computer illiterate. Fortunately for me Jay and Jason are not. If you have listened to a few of the episodes of @sofbadmonkey you realize that this is a learning process. Just now Jay said “ I’m gonna get you a mouse and I said I will just put it in my butt” then he responded “It is hamster size”. He is of course referring to a computer mouse but that is not how our conversations go normally. Oddly enough regardless of our verbal exchanges of the podcast we are friends for the most part. Even though we have come close to throwing down a few times. That’s just the fuckin way it is when you hang with meat eaters and run your mouth reckless.

Jay just told me how one of the inmates bit him today and I realize that my life is incredibly uncomplicated. No one tries to bite me, no one screams about hating the Pirates of the Caribbean, unless its on the Subway, then who gives a fuck.

This is all for now but be forewarned I may wax philosophical about any and all subjects, so be prepared. You will here #AskUncleSteve on the podcast feel free to do so. Via email or Instagram, I will answer. That’s all for now you filthy beasts of meat and hair.

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