10 / 21 /2018

Absolutely no Idea where any of this is going. So I will just write about what’s bouncing around inside my thick skull. We started the Podcast to be funny , talk nonsense and help where we can. If we are lucky enough to generate some revenue and kick a bunch forward then we will. Right now we are a few G’s in the red, but so fuckin what we are putting a message out and it’s worth it.

As Americans we are skull fucked with non stop Advertising, it’s the same in other countries but I live here. Advertising that lies to us, tells us men are supposed to look and act a certain way, that women are supposed to look and act a certain way. You should wear these clothes, drive this car, live in this house, eat this, drink that to be a “success”. Telling us our bank accounts not big enough, our house isn’t big enough, our dicks aren’t big enough.(speaking for myself on that one)

All total fuckin lies to drive the cash engine. All fuckin total horse shit that makes us feel less than. EGO is your one true enemy and always will be. Anything that convinces us we are different from each other is fuckin bull shit. WE have different ancestry, religion, experiences, skills, cultures. When we get opened up we are all the same. EGO tries to convince you and me that we are not good enough. WE ARE. Right this second you are enough. So keep your fuckin head down and push on.

GOD saw fit to give FUCK WHITS like us another day , seize it and enjoy the fuck out of it.