Life has gone on since I committed to regularly blogging and not followed through. So here is the redoubled effort. Most memorably Delgado and I went out and murdered some Ducks and Pheasant. It was an organized shoot by a mutual friend more for sport than anything else. The birds are raised and released in a natural environment where their path of travel goes over shooting blinds. Sounds easier than it actually is hitting a moving target is challenging regardless of species. Especially challenging while the target is in flight and changing direction. Jason had a problem with his first shotgun then ended up using a super high end light weight Italian 12 Gauge that kicked like a mule and yes he whined a bit. Jason is now in Puerto Rico tattin up some Vets and doing damage to his liver. Also Jay has since been brutalized by some of his students. He was breaking up a scuffle of some sort and suffered a spine injury and a bruised kidney. We had to cancel a recording because of this so any negative feed back go ahead and let him know.I think the kidney bruise was from unnatural sex acts myself but thats just me. I am currently recuperating from a nasty virus, no not the High 5 ( Hi V ) in case you missed those jokes. At 48 you heal slower and that is not cool. I am continually amazed that I have lived this long regardless of my best effort.

More later STABADASS