I continue to fail at regularly contributing to this blog, but as is my habit, I get back on it. One of the few things I am good at is getting back up after getting knocked down. I have failed far more than I have succeeded but I don’t quit, I rest and start again. This is not some fuckin preachy new age fuckin mumbo jumbo, that’s just how it is for me. I have severe demand resistance according to a few of the psychologists I have seen. That translates to any time someone tells me I have to do something I say fuck you. Not always out loud of course but at least in my tiny brain. As you can imagine this has not been a helpful character trait and definitely why I work for myself. So when I think I have to do something or someone insists I do something it takes me a while. I’m kind of a spoiled bitch that way.

One of the few things I haven’t failed at is finding genuine friends. I only have a handful but they are far better than I deserve. Jason, Jay and I fuck with each other pretty hard sometimes and we definitely have our differences but at the end of the day we are friends. That is not a term I use lightly in this fuckin plastic mocha frappuccino goat fuck of an era we have going on.

I am attaching a video of a friends man cave, he is a staunch supporter of us @sofbadmonkey, a patriot, a savage and one of the few people I could call at 3 AM and ask for help. I hope you have a few friends like that and if you don’t, reach out. If a fuckin jerk off like me has a couple than you definitely can.

Scratch that I failed at attaching video because it’s too fuckin big now I will have to go to Jay with my tail between my legs begging for assistance. Not uncommon just embarrassing.

Until next time you filthy meats sacks.


Jason Felix