I absolutely fuckin hate New Years resolutions. They are an absolute waste of fuckin time. It’s just giving yourself a list of Bullshit to feel bad about the whole fuckin New Year. Maybe you’re one of those people that writes a list and gets it all finished in the time frame, checks that box and marches all automaton style on to the next task. Well good for fuckin you Zombie BItch, here’s your Gold Star. Most likely you’re similar to the rest of us, you do the best you can with what you have. You have a general idea of what you want to accomplish and you make progress in that direction as life continues to jump up and punch you in the nutsack at every turn. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have goals and that you shouldn’t write lists and do whatever works for you. I’m saying you shouldn’t judge yourself based on what the current popular accomplish everything goat fucking Guru does. Everyone is on their own path and they are all different. You can’t compare an Apple to an Orange. What works for me and keeps me from committing ritual fucking suicide may bore the shit out of everyone else. I am a very boring cat and I don’t recommend my path to anyone. Get out of your comfort zone, search for your tribe, stay true to yourself. The only person you absolutely have to make happy is you and that should be your fucking priority. On New Years Eve I was in bed by 1030 PM EST. New Years day up at 520 AM normal reading, prayer and meditation. Later that day I took a nap went for a relatively strenuous hike then came home had sex and ate pizza. Nothing glamorous regular old boring uncle Steve shit. It’s what I do best. Don’t compare yourself to anyone you’re one of a kind. Own your fuckin shit, be out, loud and proud. No one has to like it and you don’t have to care.


Jason Felix