The Knuckle draggers

Navy SEAL Steve Ralston, United States Marine Jay Feely, U.S. Marine Scout Sniper Jason Delgado


Steve Ralston

Born 12 July 1970

USN 1988 to 1998

SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team 1

SEAL Team Three

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Private Military Contractor

Safety Security Consultant

Recovered and Woke the fuck up Veteran

All around wise ass

@ralstonste on

Twitter and Instagram


Jay Feely

Failed Platoon Sergeant

Failed Battalion Chief

Failed Amateur Comedian

Future Failed Podcaster

Former D-list internet celebrity, follow my meme page @official_Jayfeely2


Jason Delgado

Jason Delgado is a Marine Scout Sniper, Tattoo Artist, Author and professional Baby Daddy. After garnering attention with his unapologetic account of his path to becoming a Marine Scout Sniper in his published memoirs Bounty Hunter 4/3 “From the Bronx to Marine Scout Sniper”, Jason has joined forces with Marine Jay Feely and Navy SEAL Steve Ralston. Together they’re attacking every relevant topic with a non-PC approach. After all these years of service Jason has graduated to professional asshole along with his cohosts.